😥#2 Footballers Read Mean Tweets & Cruel Comments😥 Ronaldo Messi Neymar +more! Frontmen Season 2.5

Birt 12 des 2020
Fo️otball's top players read your mean tweets and cruel comments!
Part 1 = ischats.info/fun/cpiOpaRjm3iBiXg/v-deo
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  • 5:27 5:33 5:36

  • Who is here after lewandoski won balloon d'or

  • Just me or vardy had potential to be the best players going ,But he stayed at one of the worst clubs in the prem


  • new frontmen Ter stegarn BUFFON AND KILYAN

  • To:Cristiano why did u leave real madrid

    • They did a video on it , He leaved for money and he wanted to break records in a diffrent league

  • 8:11


  • Lol when Neymar said exelent it made me fall off my bed and spill my water on my ipad 😆

  • 1:49 EXELENT

  • zlatan, how does it feel that sergio ramos and pepes list of red cards is less than the size of your nose.

  • Malek you spelled it wrong it’s I dare you to not cry asshole

  • Messi when you play for Argentina your the Argentinian morata

  • RIP Dave. you will be missed

  • 0:20 That one was a violation personally I souldnt have it

  • What’s the difference between spurs and a book A book has a title

  • It will be so nice to have Ramos in the frontmen

  • Who the hell is cristambul can someone explain to me

    • @Gnabrynho Thanks so much mate

    • In 2005 in Istanbul, Liverpool and ac milan were in the ucl final. ac milan were 3-0 up by halftime. Then in the second half, Liverpool turned it around to make it 3-3 and and win on penalties. The Miracle Of Istanbul Then 9 years after, Liverpool were in the title race and were 3-0 up vs Crystal Palace. But after that the game ended at 3-3. Ending their title challenge People called it "Crystanbul" Then at the end of the game, Suarez started crying, then Gerrard consoled him and started hiding himself and Luis from the cameras.

    • I will.

  • Mane Werner icardi and costa

  • Frontmen are shit joking

  • "Thomas Muller"

  • Moe: maybe I’m too nice Also moe: sends naymars mom a Marige proposal on naymars phone

  • Get Jamie vardy back in

  • For Messi: 2-8 HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

  • I love the fact how he brought back zlatan Ibrahimovic to the frontmen after he fired him

  • 4:30 is best

  • not europa leage ok so its AGUERO

  • The best strike ever- Ribamar

  • Bring sterling in the Frontmen

  • I love lewandowskis: „ Bastard“

  • New frontmen:KDB ,Ramos,Immobile and Werner

  • ‘Thursday nights are coming’ -Kane and rashford mbe

  • ‘Maybe if Norway got Africa’s best players to play for us, I could win it to’ -Haaland

  • How dos it fley you lost a gest 8-2

  • bruno fernades

  • How does it feel knowing that you have the same amount of world cups as growth hormones.

  • 5:57

  • Brooo i love suarez man😂😂😂😂

  • Peace Aleks the husky & hosh sleep well


  • To mo: Knock knock Me Mean comment Exactly

  • Luis Suarez : if I roast you, I might be arrested because of animal cruelity

  • messi: I can roast you but burning trash is not good for the environment

  • James Rodriguez

  • Joao Felix, mbappe, dyabala

  • 3:40 I did really ahahahahah poor dave

  • To Haland: how does it feel that Liverpool's owner wanted to do a swap deal for firmino


  • matic is good you prick

  • To Ronaldo: how does it feel that you are no longer best player in Seria A?

  • We need son

  • Why am I not in the Frontmen

  • Vardy is the best

  • I hate ronldo

  • I miss the old Vardy look

  • 0:57 omg ikr

  • 6:51 o thought he said “cocaine” 😂😂

  • To Ronaldo how doses it feel being beaten by Spurs 3-1

  • 442oons will never answer this

  • Others Firmino and a goal keeper of your choice

  • I want de Bruin to join hahaha Thomas muller joke

  • i dont get whats with suarez and cristambul

  • To the front men:Can I join the front men even though I'm girl? I want to join the front men even though I'm a girl

  • Timo I’m a Chelsea fan but can u be replaced by Mount

  • 8:10

  • To Zlatan does your nose pay taxes

  • Knock knock Lewandowski: who's there? :Ballon d'or Lewandowski: ballon d'or who? : That's it Lewandowski: I don't get it : Exactly Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • To harry kane Whats the difference between a book and spurs? The book has a title

  • Suarez Knoc Knock who's there Fc Barcelona

  • Teemu pukki

  • 8:01 why does everybody call Vardy a homophobe now? He didn’t mean to break it. And also, #StopEuropaLeagueAbuse


  • 5:27 the flashbacks 😭😭😭

  • 8:53 haha ronaldo R.I.P ARMS

  • Pulisic

  • 2 Vardy is it nice to know that you're injured and not scored the goal for at least a month

  • I support Spurs and make sun to the front man's

  • romelu lukaku he is not in the europa league

  • Bring in augero mabape Muller and sancho

  • No one: Vardy: KnObHEaD

  • My favorite persons in the frontmen is Harry Kane and Luis Suarez ( not in real)

  • sancho

  • 8:56 IDK why this made me laugh 😂👍 Good one Thomas

  • Kieran tierney he is the best player in the world

  • Aubameyang

  • Great episode

  • For Messi: Who did you like Neymar or Suarez

  • You should put son on the frontman

  • To ME/salah: Knock Knock Your ticket to Real Madrid Not your ballon dor

  • To Messi: I think messi is the best player in football's history and better than anyone

  • Dybala

  • Sergio ramos, martinez( lautaro) and kevin de bruyne

  • Ansu fati In frontmen

  • Rma- Benzema/Hazard City-Sterling Chelsea- Giroud(uhhh) 1 player per UCL team in top 5 leagues.

  • why there is not anymore frontmen 442oons?

  • why there is not anymore frontmen 442oons?

  • why there is not anymore frontmen 442oons?

  • why there is not anymore frontmen 442oons?

  • why there is not anymore frontmen 442oons?

  • why there is not anymore frontmen 442oons?

  • why there is not anymore frontmen 442oons?