😂7-2: THE SONG!😂 (Aston Villa vs Liverpool 2020 Parody Goals Highlights)

Birt 7 okt 2020
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  • I wonder why there was no Man City 2 - 5 leister ummm dean

  • 0:46 ha ha ha ha ha

  • hahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆

  • Ye there is 9 0 to liverpool I think

  • Aston Villa lost 3-0 to Leeds at Villa park

  • No 🙁

  • Aston7-2Liverpool What a game that was for Aston Villa

  • Who is better? Like: Kepa Comment: Adrian

  • And then they go and lose 3-0 at home to Leeds. This is gonna be an interesting season

  • Nome da música?

  • i love grealish's laugh ngl its funny

    • Everyone has forgotten about man Utd vs arsenal 8-2

  • I could be 22-0 but Aston villa deserve

    • @Lewis Wright Klopp meant the score could have been 20-2 for Aston Villa ( just because of Adrian )

  • 1x0 2x0 2x1 3x1 4x1 5x1 5x2 6x2 7x2

    • Virgil's new face screwed Liverpool over

  • Myyyyyy 7x2

  • Imagine if Everton pull leicester 15/16 season 😭😭😃😃😃😃

  • the one time Klopp would have wonted Karius

  • Gol 463,664,000

  • Mané

  • 1x0 2x0 2x1 3x1 4x1 5x1 5x2 6x2 7x2

    • those poor irish liverpool fans loosing 7-2 to jack grealish

  • Dean never fails to impress with the song🙌

  • What other 442oons vid has this exact song? I remember hearing it

  • Alisson or adrian in goal or kane

  • 0:16 Seven2 Coming soon 0:32 Seven2 Now Showing!!!

  • 0:38 what is John terry looking at 😂

  • man u 8-2 arsenal

  • Virgil's new face screwed Liverpool over

  • Everyone has forgotten about man Utd vs arsenal 8-2

  • Gui

  • Middlesbrough 8 - 1 Manchester City

  • Romelu

  • Jack grealishis laugh

  • Who is after VVD injury?

  • those poor irish liverpool fans loosing 7-2 to jack grealish

  • And to think that last season Aston Villa only stayed up because of a dodgy VAR decision

  • 0:16 Seven2 Coming soon 0:32 Seven2 Now Showing!!!

  • 8-2 arsenal l’ost when they have been invisible

  • Why lampard say "me too" He loss 2:0

  • If I’ve watched this like 1,000 times then how tf does t it have 1mill views yet?

    • Who's here after Aston Villa won Leicester away from home?

  • That's shows that adton villa dosen't need john terry at centre back they got tyrone mings and Ezri Konza

  • lol now Van Dijk is out for the rest of the season

  • Dean love you

  • Can i ask the actual name of the song? I want to know pls

  • I am in love with love at grealish laughs😻

  • El mejor video que vi de la derrota del liverpool

  • Is the 100th time i rewatch this things

  • this is it. it prove that villa never walk alone 😍😭✌️😷

    • Did anyone else see it changing from seven2 coming out soon to seven2 now showing

  • Pep Guardiola holding the trophy Villa will do it if we do a liverpool last season with an unbeaten run

  • Liverpool broke covid rules They let 7 in 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I'm chilean

  • Who will win the primer league Like - Everton Comment - Aston Villa Be Lazy and do nothing - Fulham

  • 0:16 Seven2 Coming soon 0:32 Seven2 Now Showing!!!

  • 0-9 Southampton- Leicester....here is a more embarrassing score

  • Who's here after Aston Villa won Leicester away from home?

  • 8 man u vs 2 arsenal

    • Does anyone know what the real song is called

  • "surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrender" You got the brummie accent nailed there Dean

  • Why are Liverpool wearing red instead of black?

  • Only ogs remember dean used this song before in Man utd vs Chelsea

  • Hey dean, this isn't the biggest lost ever, u forgot 8-2 Manchester United vs Arsenal

  • Me a villa fan 2019: will they ever realse a villa vid 2020: yes finaly and laughing at the score

  • Liverpool are gonna be screwed until Allison returns at the very least

  • Haha

  • Did anyone else see it changing from seven2 coming out soon to seven2 now showing

  • Manu 8-2 v arsenal

  • Real Scoreboard Aston villa : Ollie watkins - 4' , 22' , 39' John mcGinn - 35' Ross barkley - 55 ' Jack Grealish - 66' , 75' Liverpool : Mohamed Salah - 33' , 60' The scoreboard that I thought : Liverpool : Mohamed Salah - 7' , 52 ' , 77' Sadio Mane - 23' , 54' , 82' Trent alexander arnold - 11' Virgil Van dijk - 29' , 60' Aston Villa : Ross barkley - 15' , 25' Jack Grealish - 43' , 69'

  • Bayern 8-2 Barcelona

  • 9-0 Leicester vs Southhampton

  • İstanbul basaksehir 10-0 Bayern munich

  • Tottenham Hotspur 6 Manchester United 1

  • The funny thing is in a villa fan and when a villa song finally got uploaded I was jumping up and down.

  • Does anyone know what the real song is called

  • Remix of Waterloo by ABBA

    • Confirmed: dean is not a liverpool fan

  • What a song😂😂

  • 👎

  • "Demolition, destruction, annihilation." -Peter Drury

  • Adrian was like the keeper who allegedly try to save shots from the F2 ngl

  • Can anyone tell me the music name?

  • I am Spanish xdddd

  • "Of course gaffer, where else its supposed to dangle"....OMG...ha ha ha ha ha that is so Milnar linke

    • "Demolition, destruction, annihilation." -Peter Drury

  • Nobody: Me: What the f*ck happens with Grealish hair!!!

  • Nobody: Grealish: Up A.Villa

  • Liverpool is bad lol

  • Liverpool vs Atletico madrid *adrian makes mistake* lost 3-2 Liverpool vs aston villa *adrian makes mistake again* lost 7-2 😂😂😂😂😂 (Klopp should sell adrian and buy another goalkeeper)

  • 9_0 leister soushamton

  • 1:13 Yes there is when arsenal lost 8 - 2 against Man UTD

    • It was treble winning united and this is a team who placed 17th last season vs the champions

  • 12-0 leciter Southampton

  • My favorite 442oons line "Where else are they supposed to dangle?" James Milner- 2020

  • Confirmed: dean is not a liverpool fan

  • Livepool vant always blame adrian

  • Hi people i justed lost my grandmam

    • @Robin Humphries i'm sorry you lost your grandmam 😢😭 but you will never walk alone because she's still there with you in spirit! ❤️❤️

  • lol

  • 6 1

    • Breaking news!!! CR7 has tested positive for COVID-19 Get well soon Ronny Boy😢😢😢

  • We shifted on liverpool

  • Yes 8-2 Manchester United vs arsenal

  • Liverpool was so horrible and cause them the league

  • Trent sounds like little messigician

  • Now Liverpool knows Barca’s feeling after loosing 2 - 8

    • @Content Deleted yes but remember Liverpool are without an amazing player like Messi and with a bad goalkeeper like Adrian for now...and the 7-2 score is STILL better than 2-8 LOL

  • Pique better than Van Dijk

  • Lol😅😅🤣

  • F** adrian

  • Imagine if arsenal lost this game 7-2 . Arsenal fan tv would have a massive rant