💥BRUNO! MAGNIFICO!💥 Fernandes Free-Kick vs Liverpool (3-2 Man Utd FA Cup goal highlights 2021)

Birt 25 jan 2021
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  • Although I'm a Liverpool fan, Bruno is world class

  • There such a good team who lose to Sheffield United

    • @Niti Markose ye, just like how Man City lost 3-2 to Norwich City.

    • Every Good team losses to a weak team at any point when the schedule gets tough. Wdym?

  • I love how Luiz was there but he hasn’t scored against Arsenal

  • Klopp complained about pens so we hit them with a freekick

  • H

  • I have a complaint when there was defenders crying at the end there was Toby alderwireld who beat Bruno 6-1

    • Bruno defeated Spurs in last season.

  • Bruno!!!!!!!!!!

  • i'm not man utd fans but i could play this all day

  • I've gotta say I'm a liverpool and bayern munich fan but this is a hella good tune

  • I am the only one who so Conner mcgreger? 0:17


  • 0:52 1:13 1:01 1:16 1:04 1:17 1:08 0:50 1:10

  • 0:13

  • Wonder who'll take the free kicks for Portugal? Bruno, CR7, Ruben Neves or Bernardo Silva? Crazy amount of talent

  • 0:50

  • wtf 0:57

  • 1:23 well you wont need to say that next season that you hope you don't draw this team cause you wont be in it 🤣🤣🤣

  • You can't put in Alderweireld becasue tottenham destroyed united 6-1 so thats not fair 442oons

    • Bruno defeated Spurs last season with Toby in defence

  • 0:52 prediction!

    • @G.C 9 ikr Just a opinion

    • @Vibhav it ain't happening

    • @G.C 9 r7 back in utd I know I know it's telling that Bruno is like Ronaldo But there are rumors that r7 back in utd

    • What?

  • 😁👍

  • Song?

  • More like Brazilian kepa lol

  • liverpool are crap lol

  • Sorry idid awful it is really good

  • Genuine question. What is the name of the piano song in the background?

    • @Niti Markose nah, I meant the background piano tune. I know it is an existing piece, I just don’t know it’s name. Tbh I just want to learn it on piano

    • Its our United fans chant, Made for bruno

  • 0:25

  • 0:49

  • Liverpool would of drawed Man U in the champions league as the drawed RB Leipzig who were second in group H ( the group Man U were in)

  • 1:01 more like brazilian Adrian nowadays😂

  • 0:47😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Can somebody tell who is the guy at 0:41 please?

    • @Sanveer Cheema Thank you!

    • Patrice Evra.

  • ischats.info/fun/pKqddaJqp2Wfe6Y/v-deo

  • Love it

  • thats one of the best songs i have ever heard

  • 1:01 so Bruno really predicted Alison to show his Kepa-bilities

  • Nooooooooooooooo

  • name of the real song?

  • Dean predicted the future again Bruno :alisson becker more like Brazilian kepa

  • Hes the messi of middlefield

  • 1:00🤚🤣

  • It’s all jokes until Bruno signs for real 😂

    • Bruh nobody will be able to afford Bruno he has a market value of like £130 million rn

    • Real madrid can take Pogba not bruno 😂

  • Goldbridge😂😂😂

  • ischats.info/fun/ZM-vgIKbmaqPpnw/v-deo

  • what's the original song?

  • R $ 6000

  • هههههههههههههههه


  • 0:16. Why.... Just......why

  • Sam u called right Alisson Becker as a Brazilian KEPA which Alisson has proved himself right in the last 3 matches

  • katalonia: what do we want. katalonia people:freedom. katalonia: when do we want it. katalonia people: now

  • 0:12

  • Rashford: “I gave kids in Liverpool free school meals so he gave me a free run at goal. It’s only fair that!” I’m dead 🤣

    • ischats.info/fun/iJiyaneVe3ydaog/v-deo

  • Why toby crying we won 6-1 vs man u

  • Its a female name or "Bruno" its a "Bruna"

  • the best song so far

  • Rashford: “I gave kids in Liverpool free school meals so he gave me a free run at goal. It’s only fair that!” I’m dead 🤣


    • @Matthew Nolan what team do u support? We’ll see your track record.

    • Na ues bottled the league the facup is a Mickey mouse cup but u have a chance at winning the champions league oh wait😂😂😂

    • Bruno was right in calling Brazilian kepa

  • The careful latex probably suspect because roadway curiosly signal past a neat coke. incredible, majestic ukrainian

  • I thought wrong about Fernandes

  • This hits different when Man Utd lost to Sheffield Utd.

  • 0:15

  • Great vid Dean keep it up

    • Ole looks like: 👁👄👁

  • Please do an everton 5-4 spurs video please

  • song name pls

    • the original is the entertainer by scott joplin

    • The bruno fernandes chant

  • First it was Shaqiri and now it's Bruno

  • name song please

  • ischats.info/fun/iJiyaneVe3ydaog/v-deo

  • I've watched this song so many times that I can't believe it's just 2 weeks old. Thought I've watched it for an year 😂.. I just keep coming back here 😂 Bruno Magnífico!!!!!! BTW I wonder if Bruno watches it, I saw him sing it in an interview but I wonder if he's watched this one 😅

  • what's the original song?

    • Scott Joplin-Entertainer

    • 1:01 Manchester City after their match with Liverpool 😂

  • Bruno was right about Alison

  • Allison Becker = Brazilian KepA

  • Bruno was right in calling Brazilian kepa

  • Let’s. Go

  • 1:00 this aged well

  • I edict it

  • "What a surprise. Man United score from another penalty" "Er- But it was a free kick" "Ja, which is basically just a long range penalty" 😂😂

    • Pen outside the pen box

    • Nah Klopp having a breakdown just hearing the name "Bruno" at the beginning

  • Ole looks like: 👁👄👁

  • 01:17

  • Who is here after Brazilian kepa's horror show vs Manchester city??

  • Barber no magnifigoal

  • That is prediction of Bruno for the 1-4 lose of Liverpool 1:00

  • I loved the music

  • Bruno magnifico.... 😄

  • Man U r the best

  • 1:01 Manchester City after their match with Liverpool 😂

  • 1 k dislikes from Liverpool fans

  • I'm just here waiting to see if Dean will post anything about the 9-0 🤧😂

    • Everyone talks about Bruno, but no one talks about that magnificent pass from Rashford 🔥

  • Haha klopp after the game ahh Manchester united score from another penalty bruh it’s was a freekick ya a Long range penalty

  • adrq

  • The best duo ever is Cristiano and Bruno

    • Yessssssssss thanks you see. my channel

  • Liverpool are the best in the world

  • Bruno bruno

  • Nah Klopp having a breakdown just hearing the name "Bruno" at the beginning

  • Bruno magnifico

  • Once social distancing is gone I want this song chanted in a United game XD

    • Respect Djemba Djemba OGS. 😂 😂 😂

  • Ok

  • imagine a hatrick for Bruno against Liverpool

  • .-. You know why

  • So dean, you put the worlds best goalkeepers to try stop Bruno, why is kepa there