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3:13Hudson-Odoi Handball?🤜🏾⚽ (Chelsea vs Man Utd)
3:32📖Klopp's Excuses!📖
2:49🚑Liverpool Hospital Tour🚑
🚑Liverpool Hospital Tour🚑Áhorf 735 þ.Mánuði síðan
2:54🤣#18 - Every Premier League Manager Reacts!🤣
3:30🔴Man Utd - TOP OF THE LEAGUE!🔴
🔴Man Utd - TOP OF THE LEAGUE!🔴Áhorf 745 þ.Mánuði síðan
14:19🙌My Top 5 442oons Videos 2020🙌
🙌My Top 5 442oons Videos 2020🙌Áhorf 636 þ.2 mánuðum síðan


  • song name

  • may he rest in peace he will never be forgotten

  • Comment for range

  • might need to check var but I think nejmar was offside

  • Back when we could win at home 😢

  • It is a 7duple if they win community shield club world cup Uefa supercup

  • 2015 123 2017 now it is oli you and me 2020 now it is oli me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If I watch this bye my self I will shit my self

  • Top eleven is the best game

  • The funny thing is that Liverpool think a player is world class after one game and they are crap after that

  • #antipsgetfierdeletre

  • Real song name????

  • When we had no Bruno Fernandes.

  • Siiiiii

  • Make a Havertz refund video next

  • Great video

  • Aaaaaah, the good old days. When we used to win games

  • Fun fact now suarez signed for atletico

  • 2019: "Can United stop City from winning the league?" "Can United stop City from winning the league? Ha! No." 2021: "Can anyone stop City from winning the league?" "Can anyone stop City from winning the league? Ha! No."

  • I like how he said lose 9-0 or we riot and they lose to united

  • I actually feel Bad for phil in This video

  • I’m here after he’s been so shite

  • Haaland completes his task and Messi be like: the question is how much you want a week. (shows Barca contract) LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • fun fact: John Terry is a Manchester United fan :)

  • Me trying to get to sleep My brain a 3 am: DDG IS POO

  • 5th annisvery

  • Ron

  • Leicester city < Manchester united

  • he could save the man utded team ( no only bruno can do that 🤣🤣🤣🤣)

  • 2021, anyone?

  • Jurgen : This is what you could have won! Boom! *One season later* Phil won the UCL

  • lol

  • 0:42

  • vibing this song in 2021 liverpool

  • #arsene not out

  • 😰😰😱😭😭😰😰😱😨😰😭 pauvre MSN msn bye n bye s pauvre

  • Giroud looks so different


  • Give a mother chance

  • What a ride its been ,.!

  • Cavani use to be the Muller

  • Agero or streling

  • jose tactics😂😂

  • Im So Sad about The dog

  • 0:22 Why Hazard is angry in back?

  • Horror animasion

  • Arsane u idiot I should have kept Sarge gnabry

  • What a memory

  • Yeeees

  • He 'll win 7 Times

  • Yes if he went there who new what would happen 🏟

  • Mason Greenwood is Number 11 not 26

  • 6 1 psg

  • Hahaha 😆

  • Good times 😂

  • everytime i watch this i tear up as a barca fan from the age of four im completely thankful for MSN bringing great football im 16 btw

  • 0:03 Klopp does magic??!!?? :0

  • As a city fan I just want the league title and the ucl please .

  • Cavani to Neymar: "There's no way you can stay on your feet for that long" Accurate af 🤣🤣🤣

  • Messi xCR7 xqele

  • It's all started after this

  • Cirurgia jà

  • Messi come back to wolves

  • Losing 9 to 0 what a way to make a living